What is Cupping ?

Cupping is a popular and effective method which feels similar to massage. A flame is used to create a vacuum inside a specially designed glass cup. The cup is placed on the area of tension, for example a sore lower back,and the suction draws up the skin, muscle and the underlying tissue.

Cupping Process

The effect is old stagnant blood, toxins, sticky fluids and pathogens being brought up to the surface of the skin. This process allows for fresh blood, oxygen, cells and nutrients to flush through, initiating a healing mechanism. This process can aid in recovery from injury and reduce inflammation.

After cupping you will see bruise-like marks on the body (so don’t get this treatment if you have a backless dress to wear the next day!). The more stagnant blood, lymph, toxins, pathogenic factors and cellular debris there are in the body, the deeper colour the cup marks.

While the result is a few bruise-like marks which you may have seen on others, the marks are completely pain free and similar to hickeys (remember those?). The marks will often disappear within a week but the effect of a calmed nervous system, calmed mind and free-flowing Qi through your body will last a lot longer. Cupping is often used for fast relief of back, neck and shoulder pain. It can also ease the symptoms of colds and flus by stimulating the immune system.

Cupping can be incorporated into our initial or follow up treatments, depending on your condition. When you book, just select the treatment that includes cupping, that way we can allow more time for it.


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